The ways that I procrastinate / by Naima Lowe

I'm thinking that if I ponder (and perhaps share) the ways that I procrastinate away from doing my work, I might figure out how to stop procrastinating. Or perhaps figure out what it is about these activities that is important to me, and maybe learn how to incorporate them into my art practice.

I clean my house (though not all that well)
I play various silly simulation style video games
I watch episodes of The Wire on DVD
I watch episodes of Battlestar Gallactica on the internet
I read other people's blogs
I shop
I bake

What can we learn from these things? That I'm a suburban housewife? A 12 year old boy?

Yes and Yes, in various ways.

I think that it also means that a) I'm obsessed with screens, addicted really. Dernit all to hell, they are just so mesmerizing. b) I like stories that are about race and subjugation and despair. But laced with humor and queer sexuality. Well, duh. c) I like to play house.

Well, tune in next time when I figure out how to turn this all into productivity.