Goals for the Weekend... / by Naima Lowe

My hope and dream for this stage of Mary and Sarah and You and Me: Make it fun again!

Lately I've been really bound up with the less fun aspects of trying to make a large scale project happen, but I'm hoping to let go of some of that this weekend by a) seeing my project partner Emmy, who always has such good, fun energy b) finding assistance with some of the technical aspects of the work and most importantly c) finding assistance with the logistical aspects of the work.

It has finally become totally clear to me that I'm working on something akin to a small scale theatrical production which means that I need someone to act as a Production/Stage Manager whose job it is to take the logistics out of my hands. I think I've found that person, pending scheduling issues. If that turns out to be the case, it will become her responsibility to make schedules, attend to budgets, and yell at people who aren't doing their jobs.

Let's all pray to the scheduling gods that this will turn out well.

And let's all pray to the recording studio gods that the audio session that I have scheduled for tomorrow afternoon goes smooth as butter.