Assistance Please? / by Naima Lowe

Actually, this isn't a call for assistance, because I have some truly amazing people helping, assisting, collaborating and otherwise being supportive to me on my thesis project. I've got around 7-8 people (in addition to Emmy of course) playing major roles in this project right now, which isn't so strange within the worlds of film and theater, but is perhaps less seen among those I lovingly refer to as "the art kid crowd."

These are people whose work is seen in galleries and museums and such. They are known for their individualism and singular work ethic and unique vision... Though plenty of them have artists assistants who do much of their actual grunt work and get no practical credit. Perhaps the film and theater worlds are more pragmatic and democratic in their recognition that there are craftspeople who do much of their "work" for them, and that those people deserve recognition, training and union benefits.

For me, having people helping me with my project who are competent, smart and willing to put in plenty of work on my behalf is daunting, but also forces me to work harder at making my project worthwhile, and at making the process as smooth, equitable and fun as possible.

I wonder what that will mean for my future in "the art world" vs. "the film world" vs. "the theater world." I wonder if it matters.