Breakfast of Champions / by Naima Lowe

Dear Readers, For those of you who know me well in the real world, you won't be surprised to find out that I rarely see the day before 9am, so the fact that I was up at 7am this morning to make breakfast for my special lady friend is quite the feat. I have gotten into the habit of photographing almost every meal that I make, and this morning was no exception.

Toast, Eggs Over Hard, Tomato, Grapfruit Half, Tea in a Pink Cup. This particular meal is one of my favorites, though I haven't indulged in quite a while, mostly because grapefruits are somewhat expensive to come by. The eggs are over hard, which my lady friend didn't appreciate so much, but made me quite happy. The photograph is pretty good, don't you think? I think I've got the whole DIY food design thing down pretty well. Doesn't it all look so casual, yet perfect, yet appropriately rough around the edges? Yep, just like everything else in my life.

The photograph doesn't show that I attempted to read a conversation between Miranda July and James Franco in the Panorama Book Review over that meal. While I am not afraid to admit that I think they are both swell, I found the article far too precious on so little sleep. (Like, we get it. You're artists and you dropped out of college and you're quirky because you're artists. Oops Naima, that's really snarky. I'm supposed to be all earnest and stuff here.)

Anyway, I made it half way through the article before I decided to start editing the photos I've been taking. I'd like to be a really diligent performance artist or whatever and show you how exhaustive my work has been, but I really only want to show you the ones that came out well. Because, you know, I like things that are pretty.

This one of strawberries was taken on Boxing Day, Jan 26, and was one of the first that I took. I discovered early on that my kitchen, while small and often dirty, is a pretty good place for taking photos during the daytime. The light is quite nice. This meal is sliced strawberries with plain yogurt, quinoa, and maple syrup.

I got the idea to start photographing my cooking during a fit of creativity brought about by the fever and clausterphobia while I spent 10 days sick in bed with an ear infection that wouldn't die. Some of the ideas that I jotted down during those late night sweaty revelations were entirely horrible, but this one is pretty good. I like making food, and I like taking pictures. This is by no means original. I also like looking at pictures of food, especially on the internet. There is also another project in the works related to this that may be more original, but I'm feeling content with the simplicity of joining the ranks of online food enthusiasts.

The baked acorn squash was part of a dinner that I cooked for me, the lady friend, and two friends who came over for a "double date." I'm not used to such things, so I went all out with the cooking. Also on the menu was: Baked Tilapia, Beet and Greens Tossed Salad, Hoppin' John (minus the pork), and Portuguese Green Wine. I think we had ice cream for dessert. The baked pear in the middle is covered in cinnamon and garnished with plain yogurt and maple syrup. Winter makes me want to bake. Last but not least are my famous chocolate chip coconut peanut butter cookies. Winter makes me want to bake a lot.

So dear readers, please enjoy the fruits of my labor and stay tuned for more.

Yours Truly,