And then there were Pasties / by Naima Lowe

Dear 10 readers,

I have neglected this blog for many months as the complex and exhausting process of moving my entire life from one coast to another has rendered my almost completely without creative faculties. However, all is not lost.

As most of you know, (since 1/2 of you are members of my immediate family) I somehow managed to convinced my long term love, Kristina, to move with my from Philadelphia, PA to Olympia, WA. While we know that Olympia has many amazing things to offer (including gainful employment!), there are a variety of things that make us nervous about smallish town life. As lifelong East Coast girls, and great lovers of city life, this move will be something of a culture shock. But we're doing it. Earnestly.

And in the spirit of ritual and transition, we decided to mark our passage across the great United States of America by commemorating some of its natural and cultural wonders in the best way that utilizes our creative gifts and highlights our love for random factoids and kitsch.

Presenting "Pasties Across the Statsies!"

The idea came to me in a flash when I was trying to figure out a way to convince Kristina to drive across country instead of flying. I knew that if we had a project and task to make the hours in the car more bearable, she might go for it. I also knew that she would enjoy an opportunity to show off her crafting and pasty making skills. Oh yeah, and her tits.

We've chosen a series of locations along our route, but we're also leaving ourselves time and space to make changes and additions to our plan.


We've learned a whole lot on this trip so far. For one thing, we've learned that it is really easy to get partially naked in public places without people noticing. We've also learned that when you go on a road trip in the middle of the summer and during a recession, there is lots and lots of road work and detours. And most importantly we learned that fiber-filled road snacks are the secret to road trip success.