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What happened to all the food? by Naima Lowe

My dear 6 readers (I just found out today that there's another one, and in Olympia Washington of all places! Awesome!), I've gotten a bit behind with my food posting, and while I'd like to blame my camera (sorta true) I actually just have to blame my total lack of discipline (more true) I fully intend on getting back on the bandwagon, especially since I've been totally inspired by some interesting fat positive media out there. One thing that everyone in the world, and especially the 6 of you, should know about, is Fat Dinosty. Erin Remick is a complete and total genius living in Portland, OR. She makes various kinds of media, but I'm especially in love with this amazingly cute and funny project about cute fat animals trying to live and love outside of ridiculous body fascism.


I also recently received the first issue of Eat Me: Queer Food Porn. It is really funny, smart and hot. While I have made occasionally cynical comments on the resurgence of 'zines as a form (I recognize that they have contemporary relevance, but I can't help but wonder if there's some sort of strange early 90s nostalgia going on, which I'm generally suspicious of), they do suit my increasingly short attention span. Also, this one has recipes. Yum.

Ok, this has made me resolve to get back into it. I'll fight the good fight! I will photograph my food!

Yours Most Truly