I'm back (aka "A whole bunch of assholes with the same name") / by Naima Lowe

Dear 16 readers,

It has been awhile. I’ve decided to resurrect this blog, because it seems like such a quaint thing to do in this day and age. I’ll do my best to keep it as earnest as I possibly can muster while the world remains a dumpster fire of racism and misogyny. I’ve disabled comments because of racist trolls. Sorry.


This first entry is a poem that I wrote on the day after the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. It is called “A whole bunch of assholes with the same name”


Yours Truly,



A whole bunch of assholes with the same name

When you demand that Brett be accountable to his actions,
he and his people will do their best to explode your world.

The women who have gained power through their proximity
to Brett will absolutely sell out other women instead of giving anything up.

Brett will use the women, people of color,
and liberals in his life as cover for his misdeeds.

 Brett's profound sense of entitlement is only outshone by the depth of his ego.

 Even white women who stand up to Brett
will be pilloried and demeaned for their trouble, but they will
also be considered more kind, approachable and worth protecting
than the women of color who have been raging
against Brett since they could speak.

 If you spend enough time looking at Brett's face,
you'll start to notice how much he looks and acts
like so many other people
who have hurt people and get away with it.

 If you spend enough time looking in the mirror,
you'll wonder if Brett will always be lurking in the background,
making it impossible for you see yourself.

 It's hard not to feel powerless when you see Brett,
because you know that even if you and your friends manage to bring him down,
there will be another Brett who will come along to take his place.

 Brett just keeps popping up, like that goddamned mole
that you just have to keep on whacking.

 Brett is exhausting in his total inability to give a fuck
about anyone but himself.

 Brett lives in DC and California and Washington and
New Hampshire and Massachusetts and Oklahoma and Nebraska and Tennessee.
Brett is conservative Christian asshole who learned his tricks at prep school,
but he also went to your regular high school and he's also a person of color
and he's also Jewish or Muslim or loves fucking Tarot
and he's also a woman and he's also queer and
he's also someone in your family
and he's also your boyfriend
and he's also even you sometimes.

 Though only this fucking
Brett gets a fucking job interview
to be on the fucking
Supreme Court of the fucking
United States of fucking motherfucking America.